Executive coaching, OKR Implementation, Digital Transformations

OKR - objectives and key results



Implementing OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) or MBOs (Management by Objectives) is a big decision for any company. Getting it right is key to have the teams engage with the framework. Our OKR implementation program can help with proper training to start using OKRs or MBOs and we will guide you to chose the right software to manage the process, if necessary.

OKRs can be the single most impactful management process if properly implemented. We will design a custom plan for the implementation of the OKR framework that works in your company.


FAST growth startup



As your company continues to grow, the demand for proper people management processes arise. Recruiting at scale becomes your limitation to grow the business and properly aligning your team is critical to keep everyone working towards the same objectives. Differentiating performance is important to build the high performance culture you want.

The consulting services will allow you to setup your People Operations processes with the support of executives with experience in the tech startup world. We will also mentor you to further develop the leadership skills of your team.


The 4th industrial revolution is about adopting data and technology as a business lever. More importantly, it's about attracting a new type of talent that most companies fail to understand how to find, hire and engage.

Digital transformation is raising the importance of understanding data and its impact across all industries. The enormous amount of data generated in our companies about our processes and our customers can create a massive impact in how companies take advantage of opportunities to scale.

Learn from Google's practices and implement a People Operations strategy that can help you drive change in your organization.


coaching leaders

HR Digital transformation

For HR Executives

This program is designed to help HR executives jump start their HR Transformation strategy. We will work together to define an overarching Talent Strategy and a detailed roadmap for implementation.

The program coaching for HR executives also include a deep dive into business dynamics and company governance.

High Performance Coaching

For Senior Executives

Let's work on high performance coaching. You will learn to unlock your potential to impact the teams you lead and the organization, beyond your inner circle. You'll learn how to elevate your strategic view of the business and how to impress your view across the leadership team. Leading is about enabling high performing teams and inspiring them to outperform their peers.